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Good people make all the difference

It is commonplace for well-known companies to make great pronouncements in the media maintaining their strong belief in the training and recruitment of their staff. Well if this really is the case, why is customer service generally so poor in the United Kingdom?

Also, should good service be a formulaic or prescriptive experience as would appear to be the case in the United States? Furthermore, in reality do common stateside expressions such as “Have a nice day” or “Missing you already” make us feel any more valued as a customer or have any place in customer service on this side of the Atlantic? Of course, the answers to these questions lie in the type of corporate culture that you (as owner (s) or Directors) wish to project to your client base.

At ideology however, we believe in fully understanding our client’s corporate culture before either recommending prospective job candidates or arranging specialist training. Which is why we work with Joshua Rayner, Director of Rayner Personnel and Estate Agency All Stars, as his extensive industry knowledge and personal commitment has in our personal experience proved invaluable.

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Clear communication

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your idea’s won’t get you anywhere

Lee Lacocca

Ex CEO and President of the Chrysler Motor Corporation.

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