There is a saying in advertising that ‘image is everything’. This is never more true than in the UK retail market and the Residential Estate Agency Sector in particular. Marketing Experts believe that all businesses should modernise or update their image every seven/eight years, or run the risk of devaluing their brand. In practice, large multi-national companies continually undertake brand reviews using focus groups in order to gauge the way their business is perceived both in the media and the public at large. Clearly, this is fine if you are McDonalds or BP, but for smaller companies who do not have the resources this is obviously not an option. Yet we are all consumers ourselves in our professional and private lives, and constantly make judgements about where we shop, eat or consume based upon our own perception of the brands that we have chosen to endorse.

Our own personal view of these brands is to some greater extent dictated by the image that those familiar businesses wish us to see… so why should it be any different in residential estate agency? At ideology consulting, we are able to plan, cost, and execute the total rebranding of your business. Also, working with our partners, we are able to supply office furniture & equipment, window displays and phone systems, all tailored to your needs… and perhaps more importantly, your budget. Call 0333 939 8010 to arrange a consultation.

*Please note that fees for this service will be tailored to the size and duration of each project