Ideology Box ad5Retirement planning has been the focus of much discussion in the lifestyle and financial columns of the national press in recent years, as traditional methods of saving in a low interest rate economy have been found wanting. Financial experts cannot seem to agree on a “best method” to provide for old age, or perhaps more poignantly, how much financial provision is enough to enjoy a stress free retirement.

Given that we are all living longer, it is amazing that the majority of working people approaching pensionable age in the UK are either are under-provided for, or even worse have no provision at all! Furthermore, you might be surprised to learn that some of the worst offenders are the self- employed.

For instance, would it shock you to learn that over 80,000 solvent businesses are wound up every year, due largely to a lack of retirement or succession planning? In many of these cases, given the right guidance and/or expert advice these very same businesses could have been sold on to provide retirement income for their former owners.

How can this be so, I hear you ask? It’s simple really…….most small business people manage their businesses on a day to day, week to week, year to year basis, and give little thought to planning an exit strategy and more importantly, the optimum conditions which would allow them to get the best price for their years of dedication and hard work. This is even more remarkable given that in most cases their business is their most valuable asset, more valuable in many cases than the property in which they reside.

Of course, we are all different in nature, and our feelings towards retirement vary enormously from excitement and longing to fear and dread! This is quite natural really when you come to think about it and change for most people is by definition both exciting and scary in equal measure. Help is now at hand in the UK estate agency sector at least in the form of a new company called Ideology Consulting.

Operations Director, Peter Nicholls explains, “I have personally successfully sold two separate estate agency businesses in recent years, which both needed significant “grooming” in order to comfortably achieve the sort of price that I was hoping for, so I have a good understanding of what is required”. Peter went on to clarify, “On both occasions it would have been much easier if I could have called upon professional help, but whilst my solicitor and accountant were helpful in general terms, they had no specific knowledge of estate agency, so the idea of Ideology Consulting evolved quite literally from my own experience”.

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