Thinking of Selling Your Estate Agency Business?

Ideology Consulting are specialist business brokers for the UK estate agency sector. We are based in London, but are able to offer hands-on service and guidance to all estate agency or property related business sellers throughout the country. As the owner of an estate agency business, you will be well versed in all of the factors that influence the price of your client’s properties in the area that you operate – well selling an estate agency business is really quite similar. As we start with an honest appraisal of where your business is currently and get to understand your circumstances and what you require the sale of your business asset to do for you.
Like property sales, sometimes there can be some “quick fixes” applied, but more often than not more strategic action will need to be taken. We will work with you to unlock the commercial value within your business – so that you finally receive the financial reward that you deserve for your many years of effort and commitment. Selling a business is often a once in a lifetime experience, and we know from our own personal experience that the process can be both daunting and emotional at times – so our help and advice is tailored to the personal needs of every client