Is Your Estate Agency Business Exit Ready?

Would you like to achieve the optimum sale price for your estate agency business? If so, please consider the following :-

  • Have you considered the timing of your potential sale?
  • Do you understand the various elements that put together make your business more or indeed, less valuable?
  • Have you any idea of what your company is worth today? More importantly, after deductions, does this figure correspond with the exit figure that you had in mind?
  • Do you understand you tax liabilities should you decide to sell your business within the next twelve months?
  • Do you need to adjust your role and become less essential to the day to day running of your business – making your business less dependent on you, and therefore easier for a buyer to manage?
  • Have you carried out an in-house check of all your key legal and compliance documents, employee contracts and IP leases – in readiness for due diligence?
  • Have you considered the likely impact of selling your business on your staff? How likely and willing will they be to transfer to a new employer?
  • Have you thought about and selected your advisory team? (broker, accountant and corporate solicitor)
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