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How much does ideology charge to meet with me and discuss the potential sale of my business?
Nothing. It is completely free and without obligation, as long as we can get to you within a day and not require an overnight stay.
How long does a transaction take once I have agreed terms?
A. Typically three to four months but it can be quicker if the SPA (share purchase agreement) or APA (asset purchase agreement) is non- contentious.
How do I prepare my business for sale?
Put simply, with our help it will save you both time and energy – as whilst the process is in many ways formulaic, it will help you to have both the direction and focus that we can provide.
What types of buyers do you have?
A. The usual assumption is that a competitor will wish to buy your business, however in reality buyers usually come from one of the following four groups a) Corporate High Street Chains, b) large or small independent firms, c) One of the franchise operators, and d) The “ambitious” manager currently working for a competitor firm.
How long does it take to find a buyer?
We agree with you from the outset a set of steps or differing approaches in order to locate a buyer which would usually take 4 to 12 weeks dependent on circumstances.
What happens if I don’t sell, will you charge me?
We operate on a strictly No Sale – No Fee basis, except when we have agreed with you to advertise your business and share the cost (but this will form part of the written contract between us).
How do I mitigate against my local competitors finding out that I am selling my business?
A. We agree from the outset a shortlist of firms that we intend to approach on your behalf, and in our initial approach your firm will not be named. All potential buying firms that have expressed an interest in further information will have to sign an NDA (Non- disclosure agreement) before further information is released
Will you as my broker make approaches to any competitor firm without my knowledge?
A. No. The list of firms that we approach is agreed with you from the outset and should you have strong feelings about approaching a particular competitor, your wishes’ will be respected
How much will Ideology Consulting charge me to sell my business?
We charge a flat fee of 3% + Vat, which is based on the eventual contract price and is payable upon completion of the sale. NB. Please note that our fee still applies should staged or deferred payments be agreed between the parties.
At what point should I start preparing my estate agency business for its eventual sale?
There is no set time, although good advanced preparation usually significantly reduces the length of the transaction time. So we will always recommend that meet for some initial discussions well in advance of you marketing your business.

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