dedicateI have been self- employed now for over twenty years and Ideology Consulting is now my third business venture; both previous estate agency businesses having been willingly sold on to larger firms. Looking back, it certainly has been a rollercoaster of a ride, with professional success and sporadic financial insecurity existing side by side as uncomfortable bedfellows. But I have learnt much from my experiences, not least of all that I am unashamedly hooked on the freedom and spirit of being an entrepreneur.

Throughout my career, I have been occasionally asked why I chose to work for myself. To which my answer is undeniably straightforward; self- employment rather chose me. In that, the more I learned – when being employed – the more unemployable I duly became.

You see, I “suffer” from a mental condition called “independence of mind”, which is rather sadly innate in a great many entrepreneurs across the business community.

You should note that this “condition” is not gender specific or particular to any colour or race; but once you have it, it can be a tough taskmaster. That is not in any way to suggest that other like- minded individuals cannot enjoy outstanding success working within the confines of a larger organisation, as quite clearly they can and indeed do. In many ways I both respect and admire these people the most for the fortitude and self- control they demonstrate, given the natural limitations of corporate life.

I suppose that the overall point I am trying to make here is that it is important, in the early stages of your career, to understand your own personality and identify the business/sector where your talent and abilities might successfully fit in.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed working with many different types of people, whose outlook on life has quite often been different to mine, but whom I have come to admire and respect for the positive contribution that they have made to improving my businesses. Each and every one has identified and honed their skills, often having tried out alternative careers before settling upon their chosen career path.

Alternatively, I am sure that we all do not have to think too hard to identify a talented friend or colleague who, on their own admission, is clearly in the wrong job but moans constantly and seems to show no willingness/motivation to make a change.

Understanding yourself and taking responsibility/control of your talent is what helps to define us as human beings, so it is too important to be ignored! No doubt we all start out by seeking an interesting and fulfilling working life – in theory at least – and I believe that it is incumbent upon all of us to use the early stages of our career to narrow down the options and identify areas in which we may give our talent an opportunity to thrive.

So, be honest with yourself, if you currently feel that you might well be in the wrong job, find the courage to take control and seek a change and stop wasting your talent.

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